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Tahoe Heat hot sauce

Tahoe Heat

Tahoe Heat is our original

hot sauce. This sauce is made

from our special blend of

Serrano peppers, garlic,

yellow onion, distilled

vinegar, salt, ginger,

black pepper, and filtered

 water. Tahoe Heats comes 

in 5 fl oz bottles, the perfect

size to pop in your backpack 

or purse.

Lake Tahoe Double Diamond hot sauce
Lake Tahoe BBQ Sauce

Double Black Diamond


DIAMOND sauce is made

with the same fresh

ingredients as our original


difference is we use fresh

habanero peppers for that

distinctive habanero flavor

everyone loves and gives an

elevated heat level which is

hard to resist. This is not a

beginners sauce. Experts


Elevation 6622 smoked

Serrano BBQ sauce is our little twist on traditional BBQ sauce. This sauce is made from our very special blend of spices and smoked serrano peppers, red wine vinegar, oil, salt, honey, hickory smoke, tomato paste, and filtered water.

Tahoe heat and Doube Black diamond

Split Combo Case

Want to try both flavors?

Order a split combo case

and get the best of both


We use 100% natural ingredients in all of our sauces.

Each Case of hot sauce Contains Twelve 5oz Bottles

Each Case of Ketchup contains Twelve 12oz Bottles

Each Case of BBQ Sauce contains Twelve 12oz Bottles 

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